Soul Hope Ministries seeks to connect people to the Word of God by:

  • Joyfully declaring the good news of God's redemption plan, as revealed through Scripture's narrative.

  • Consistently demonstrating Scripture's power to expose the heart and transform the mind of all who are called by God to follow Jesus.

  • Providing opportunities for religious spectators to become active participants who mentally and emotionally engage with Scripture.


Soul Hope Ministries fulfills the mission through four distinct platforms:

I bring dramatic live performances of Scripture to your gathering. (This is not a dull memorized recitation!) Every presentation is comprised of word-for-word Biblical texts that are thoughtfully selected and carefully arranged to focus on a particular theme. Each presentation runs between 30-40 minutes, is adaptable to just about any setting, and is appropriate for audiences of all ages. Think about contacting me to schedule a presentation for an upcoming worship service, all-church gathering, conference or retreat!  

Are you in search of a special speaker for an upcoming women's ministry event? I combine compelling live performances of word-for-word Biblical texts with interactive teaching to focus in on a particular theme. My presentations can be adapted for a one-day event or a weekend-long retreat or conference and are appropriate for audiences of all ages. For more information about programs and possibilities, contact me.  

Are you in search of great scripts that bring the Bible to life? I make my scripts and helpful accompanying materials available free of charge to any group that expresses interest! All of my scripts are compiled word-for-word Biblical texts that focus in on a particular theme. Staging one of my productions is an exciting way to memorize Scripture and the end result will be a production that is both purposeful and engaging for audience members of all ages. To see a list of available scripts, click the link!   

I create online content that is designed to equip, encourage and edify the global body of Christ. Each video is carefully crafted to direct my viewers thoughts toward the value of meditating on and memorizing Scripture. My videos can be utilized as a call to congregational worship, a lead-in to the preaching of God's Word, in small group studies or during times of personal meditation. My hope is that these videos will also provide encouragement to those who are not physically able to gather together with the local body of Christ on a weekly basis.    

    Soul Hope Ministries is dedicated to: 

  • Creating scripts comprised solely of Biblical texts that focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • Striving to maintain the integrity of Scripture's context through careful research and interpretation methods.

  • Always working towards authentically human portrayals that display the transforming power of Scripture in the lives of broken people.

Donna Paulsen - Founder / Director

Donna Paulsen

Founder / Director

 Portrait by Stephen Kennedy